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Frequently asked questions (click to expand and see the answers):

Our rates are dependant on where the gig is located, the number of band members and the type of party. 

Typically prices are between £650 – £800. We will be happy to discuss the exact fee once we have all the details.

For special occasions (such as New Years Eve or corporate christmas events) we generally charge a little more as these are the premium times for bands.

Please remember, we are all professional and semi-professional musicians. We are not your average pub band!

Firstly, get in touch and we’ll arrange to have a chat about your event.

Then we ask you to sign our standard agreement and pay a booking deposit (generally £100) to secure the gig.

To book the gig we need the following details: 

  • The name & details of the person hiring us.
  • The details of the venue.
  • The type of event and gig date.
  • Some info about the event itself so we can tailor the experience to make sure it’s just right for the party!

To get started, all you need to do is fill out the booking enquiry form and we will be in touch.

There are 5 core members of the Millionaire Pawn Barons, playing drums, guitar, keyboards, bass and vocals. 

We do also work with sax and other brass players too, and we recommend booking them as it really adds a whole new dimension to every gig.

Well, pretty much everything. We specialise in Hen and Stag parties, birthday parties, engagement do’s and more. 

Yes, we also play festivals and corporate gigs too, and even weddings. 

We make sure that every performance is suitable for the audience. An engagement do with your Auntie Mavis might be a little less raucous than a drunken Hen do, and we always want to make sure that we hit exactly the right spot. That said, there is nothing in any of our gigs which is offensive, and we’ve years of live performance experience so we know exactly how to judge it just right!

Well, that’s very much up to you. We put on a show, and this often involves up-for-it members of the audience being involved, often on the stage (although sometimes we even wander out into the crowd too). 

We do things like the “Kazoo challenge” to audience members shaking their booties to “I like big butts”, and more. 

We like to have fun and involve our audience. That’s what makes our gigs so engaging. And it’s always best if it’s a bit boozy!

Either cash or bank transfer please. We will provide details if you want to pay by BACS.

Well, we go through a checklist when we do our booking call. Generally we ask if you could provide maybe some simple refreshments for the band (sandwiches, something to drink etc) that would be great.

We need to make sure there is a suitable place to play and set up a good couple of hours in advance, and somewhere for the band to change into our stage costumes and a secure place to put our equipment. We don’t ask much really.

We play popular covers from the last 4-5 decades which get people grooving. 

We have a massive repertoire of cool tunes that we perform, and we mix it up a bit, generally crossing many different genres, from funk to ska, rock, pop and upbeat soul all performed with a dose of filthy groove that make everyone want to dance about like mad people!

Check out our promo video for a good idea of our awesome sound.

Yes, we’re more than happy to play in any venue, whether it be a pub, functions lounge, even outdoors (depending on weather). Just let us know when we have our booking call.

We generally try to record all our gigs, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a copy too. 

If you want a customised edit of the gig to remember it by forever, we will be happy to do that for a small fee. 

We use our recordings on our socials. If you prefer we don’t record the gig, please let us know in advance.