So, you wanna know what we’re all about eh? Well, it’s simple really, the Millionaire Pawn Barons are all about the music and having more fun than is good for them. We exist to keep our audiences dancing all night long, relieving the tension of the mad world we live in. Most professional functions bands try to be as clean-cut as possible, and yeah, that’s cool, but we’re all about the laughs, the drinking and the dancin’ and generally making sure everyone’s having the night of their lives.

Our whole ethos is that it’s friday (or saturday) night, and you want to let your hair down and go a bit nuts for a while, and we’ll provide a groove that’s always “in the pocket” (that’s musician speak for seriously tight). We play tunes that have got some filthy licks, choruses that you can belt out the words to, and even lose it all completely and join us on stage for some riotous audience participation that will get everyone pissing themselves laughing.

Basically, we’re cool and scarily good musicians who love to play, and we’re not taking any prisoners! If you’re coming to a Baron’s gig, you’re gonna leave seriously sweaty from non-stop boogie-ing with a massive grin on your face.

We’re a 5-piece band, but we do occasionally play with Sax and other brass players too, and if you’re booking us, we really recommend paying to get that extra cool sound, and it really adds a lot to the mix. 

Meet the Barons

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